Farms Near Nashville with Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef

Campanula flowers (Campanula patula) in green grass. Selective f

Are you looking for local farms near Nashville that raise grass-fed beef, and finish cattle on nothing but the grass nature intended? As farmers raising and selling grass-fed, grass-finished beef in the Nashville/Murfeesboro/Chattanooga area, we are excited to see the grass-fed market growing. Despite the rapid growth, grass-fed beef only represents 1% of beef sold […]

Ordering A Whole, Half, Quarter, or Eighth Beef

The sound of cattle happily chewing their cud while standing on pristine pasture after their daily move is one of the many reasons we choose to grass finish our cows and provide them with fresh pasture every day.  Cattle in their natural habitat foraging for lush grasses, legumes, and forbs plays an important part in […]