Some of our heritage pigs on pasture

At Cove Creek farm we raise  three heritage breeds: Large Black, Gloucester Old Spot, and the Mule Foot.

We chose these breeds because of their older genetic lines with animals that have large litters, maternal instinct, and inter muscular fat (marbling).

Our pigs are raised on pasture and wood lots  from farrow to finish.  We rotate them through the pasture and woods regularly so they are always on fresh ground.  

About 50% of the pigs’ diet comes from foraging grasses legumes and tree nuts.  To balance out their diet we feed them fermented barley that is grown locally (in fact, the farm that grows our barley started growing it specifically for Cove Creek Farm).  

Barley is a non-GMO small grain with excellent nutrient profile for pigs. It also creates a different fat profile in the pig.  The fat is firmer and flavorful and won’t create a pile of grease at the bottom of your frying pan. We ferment the barley to make more of the nutrient available to the pigs during digestion.