COVE CREEK FARM is family owned and operated by brothers Micah and Matthew Sparacio. It began as a conversation about our food—knowing where it came from and how to ensure it was raised humanely and naturally. 

We raise our cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and laying hens so that they can express their natural behaviors, breathe fresh air, bask in the sunlight and rotate around our pastures for fresh forage on the Cumberland Plateau.

Cove Creek Farm specializes in premium-quality GMO free, pasture-raised meats. The laying hens are supplemented with GMO/soy free feed. Our poultry, chicken, turkeys, and ducks are raised on pasture and supplemented with certified organic feed. The cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished never an ounce of grain in their diets. Barely fermented in whey makes up the primary supplement for our pigs who are also feed a soy free diet.