We’ve been asked if our new Cove Creek Pirate Ship is the biggest pirate ship in Tennessee. And we really don’t know! We weren’t even thinking about that when we built it, but it is a really interesting question!

Our pirate ship is very big. Here are the dimensions:

  • Length: 40 ft.
  • Height: 26 ft.
  • Width: 20 ft.

That’s just the pirate ship. If you include the extended castle portion of the structure, it’s closer to 80ft long.

We did a little searching around Google to find out if it is the largest pirate ship in Tennessee and came up with unclear results.

What we probably can say is that the Cove Creek Pirate Ship is the biggest Pirate Ship playground in Tennessee. Who knows. Maybe the USA? (probably not, but you never know!)

Let us know if you find a bigger pirate ship playground anywhere! We’d love to know the answer.

To book an opportunity for your kids to play on our Giant Pirate Ship, you can go here for more information.