If you are looking for a Keto and Paleo friendly recipe that will impress your guest but is really easy to make, this is the recipe to go to. You can easily source local ingredients for many of the main ingredients and the presentation will wow even the pickiest of your friends. I look forward to fall and winter to make this sweat and savory dish that will warm you to the core.


2 small acorn squash

1 chopped onion

3 stalks celery, chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp salt, pepper, and rosemary

3 garlic cloves, chopped

1 lb Cove Creek Farm sausage

1 apple, chopped (peeling optional)

1 c almond flour or bread crumbs

½ c parmesan cheese


  1. Slice top and bottom of acorn squash. Cut in half and remove pulp.  Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 375 for 35 minutes or until soft (easily poked with a fork).
  2. Heat oil, onion, celery, and spices in a large pan over medium heat until onions are soft and translucent.
  3. Add garlic and sausage and cook until sausage has browned.
  4. Add apple until slightly softened.
  5. Mix in almond flour and most of the parmesan cheese until incorporated. (Save a sprinkling of parmesan cheese for the garnish).
  6. Fill acorn squash with stuffing, top with the rest of the parmesan, and bake an additional 10-15 minutes.