Raising chickens outdoors on pasture has a multitude of benefits, one of which includes a mouth-watering eating experience. Chickens raised on pasture and rotated daily have access to fresh grasses, legumes, and weeds. In addition to the access to fresh forages, our chickens love to chase and consume bugs. Chickens are omnivores, and foraging for bugs is an expression of a chicken’s natural behavior.

Pastured poultry contains more vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids than conventional chicken. It has also been shown to be a good source of linolenic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Raising chickens on pasture reduces the negative environmental impact associated with concentrated feed lots while also regenerating pasture and improving soil health.

Our chickens’ diet is supplemented with a certified organic feed. We always strive to provide the healthiest feed available to our animals and a safe environment for them to express their natural behaviors. Living outside in the fresh air and sunlight and eating a well-rounded diet allows us to continue to provide our customers with nutritious, flavorful food for their families.