Here are answers to common questions we get from people buying 1/8 of a cow from Cove Creek Farm.

How much meat should I expect when I order an eighth of a grass finished cow?

You should expect to get approximately 50 lbs of meat from your 1/8 of a cow. Grass finished cows tend to be smaller than corn finished cows because they do not put on unhealthy fat. The extra weight on corn finished cows happens because corn adds a lot of fat weight to the cow, which the industry calls “marbling”. So even though a grassfed, grass finished cow might result in overall less product weight, more of that weight is in protein vs fat, which means a higher quality, healthier product per dollar.

What is the cost per pound for one eighth of a grass fed, grass finished cow from Cove Creek Farm?

The cost for 1/8 of a cow is approximately $8.50/lb including processing. This cost covers the cost of processing. While this is quite a bit more expensive than some beef purchased at the grocery store, the price per lb of protein is very competitive (with grassfed beef you are getting a higher protein product). Think of it this way: with grass fed, grass finished beef, most of the excess fat is cut out before you get it.

What is the total cost for 1/8th of a cow?

The final average cost $425, although this will vary from cow to cow.

Is there a deposit required?

We require a $100 deposit to reserve an eight of a cow.

What is the storage space required for an eighth of a grass finished cow?

You can fit 1/8 of a cow in 3/4 of a standard fridge top freezer.

Who should buy an eighth of a grass fed cow?

This product is ideal for 1-2 people and great for first time buyers.